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In today's business environment companies need flexibility in their staffing to stay competitive.

A large project may require a short-term increase in staff and it may not be cost-effective to hire a new employee for the position. We offer qualified staff, and take care of all of the expense of hiring and payroll. We understand that different skill sets require specialized expertise. That’s why our team of recruiters and account managers focus on specific verticals. This focus allows us to develop strong recruiting channels across a wide range of job categories in order to find the best candidates for you. By using Affable Services you can adjust your workforce to your demand, thus making your business more efficient.

We are Delivering Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs and Goals

The staffing and recruiting teams at Affable Services will work with you to define the requirements of any open positions you have and then will utilize our exclusive talent pool to find the best candidates for you. Through unique tools like our Candidate Evaluation Profile, we are able to find the right talent for every job. We don’t just send you the first candidate who applies for the position. Instead, we pre-screen, interview, and test every applicant before we ever make a connection.

When you choose to work with Affable Services, you’ll discover that our staffing process, extensive candidate research database, and performance feedback program allows us to customize our recruiting programs to best fill your needs. We’ll work with you to define your staffing solutions, target candidates, create onboarding materials, and set standards for our associates. Affable Services is continuously working to improve our solutions and services while innovating better and more effective processes. We do all of this in an effort to provide you superior staffing solutions and services.

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